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Brownstown Children’s Dentist

Giving Little Smiles a Strong Start

boy with tooth molds in

As a parent, you want to give your child a good head start on great oral health. This means getting him or her started early with regular children’s dentistry checkups, cleanings, and fluoride treatments. Then, as your child ages, we can continue his or her care with dental sealants and regular checks for proper bite development. And, regular children’s dentistry visits with Dr. Hadad and the Ultimate Dental teaml will help your child grow up knowing the value of trips to the dentist.

Why Choose Ultimate Dental for Children’s Dentistry?

  • Children of all ages welcome: from toddlers to teenagers
  • Keep young athletes safe with custom-made mouthguards
  • Warm, friendly, & highly-experienced team

Fluoride Treatment for Children

girl getting fluoride treatment

Fluoride is a mineral that helps your child develop healthy and strong tooth enamel. While your water at home may be fluoridated and your child should be using a toothpaste that contains fluoride, fluoride treatments as part of an overall children’s dentistry treatment plan from Ultimate Dental during these formative years can help encourage long-term oral health and keep teeth protected from cavities. These days, many children drink mostly bottled or filtered water, meaning they aren’t getting exposed to the same level of fluoride that they would from fluoridated tap water.

Dental Sealants

boy with dental sealants

Dental sealants are a rite of passage for many children. As soon as your child’s adult molars erupt, we can place dental sealants on them to protect the hard-to-clean nooks and crannies along the chewing surfaces where cavity-causing debris likes to hide out. We’ll simply apply a thin layer of a clear resin directly to the teeth that will quickly harden into an invisible barrier. The procedure only takes a few minutes and is completely painless.

Athletic Mouthguards for Children

boy putting in green mouthguard

Every athlete should wear a mouthguard every time they play, as up to 40% of all dental injuries are due to sports-related accidents! Rather than forcing your child to wear some bulky, ill-fitting mouthguard from the store, Dr. Hadad and the Ultimate Dental team can make one just for them. It will be specially-designed to fit your child’s unique teeth, meaning it will be much more comfortable and provide better protection as well. That way, you can make sure they stay safe while they stay in the game.

When Should My Child Start Seeing a Dentist?

young doing thumbs up

As soon as your child is three years old, he or she can start receiving children’s dentistry care from Ultimate Dental in Brownstown, MI. Dr. Hadad and the Ultimate Dental team have a great sense of humor, making them a perfect fit for working with your little ones. They can teach your kids how to care for their oral health at home, setting them up for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Is Your Child Ready to Visit Us?

Contact us today for a children’s dentistry appointment. We serve families from Brownstown, Riverview, Woodhaven, and all over the Downriver area. With flexible hours and no wait times, we’re a great choice for busy families!