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General Family Dentistry in Brownstown, MI

Dr. Sammi Hadad believes that preventive dental care is your best bet for optimal oral health.

We invite the whole family to visit Ultimate Dental to experience comprehensive preventive dental care that will help you achieve oral health and a happy smile. Offering a complete range of general family dentistry services, we make it easy to maintain health and avoid more advanced issues down the road. A little preventive dental care from Ultimate Dental can go a long way toward making sure you always have a great smile!

Our general family dentistry services include:

Dental Checkups and Cleanings

As the cornerstone of any oral health treatment plan, checkups and cleanings are essential. That’s why we recommend you visit Ultimate Dental every six months for a dental exam and cleaning. This allows us to not only remove the plaque and tartar that can cause dental decay and damage, but look for signs of developing problems as well. When you visit for general family dentistry checkups and hygiene appointments every six months, you ensure that problems remain small and more easily treatable.

Periodontal Care from Ultimate Dental

At our Brownstown, Michigan dental office, we take gum disease very seriously, and periodontal therapy plays an important role in your overall general family dentistry care. Why? Gum disease is the main cause of tooth loss, so preventing and treating it with periodontal care is essential for long-term oral health. Gum disease has been linked to heart disease and strokes as well, so it's not just all about your oral health. Your overall health can be at risk, too! At every dental checkup, Dr. Hadad will look for signs of gum disease, including deepening pockets around the teeth and bleeding gums. If she finds signs of gum disease, she’ll provide you with a treatment plan designed to fit your level of infection. For some, more stringent home care including daily flossing will reverse the earliest stages of gum disease, known as gingivitis. However, if your gum disease is more advanced, you may need periodontal therapy that includes scaling and root planing.

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Nightguards for Bruxism

Teeth grinding or clenching at night is an extremely common problem, affecting most people at some point or other in their lives. Some people experience chronic clenching or grinding, and this can cause damage over time, including chipped or broken teeth, shifts in bite, wearing of chewing surfaces, and even tooth loss. That’s why we offer nightguards to protect you from the ill effects of nighttime teeth grinding.

If you want to experience excellent dental care with a splash of humor, contact Ultimate Dental in Brownstown, MI today. We serve the Downriver area, including Riverview and Woodhaven, offering comprehensive general family and cosmetic dentistry for every smile.