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Dental Sealants – Brownstown, MI

An Easy Way to Prevent Cavities

little boy getting dental sealants in Brownstown

With daily brushing and flossing, you can keep from getting tooth decay. It also helps to limit your consumption of sugary foods and beverages and drink tap water so that your teeth get exposed to plenty of fluoride. But did you know there’s another easy way to prevent cavities? We can apply dental sealants at your next checkup to provide an extra barrier of protection against tooth decay. If you’re ready to protect your teeth with dental sealants, give us a call.

Why Choose Ultimate Dental for Dental Sealants?

  • Helps Prevent Cavities
  • Perfect for Children and Adults Alike
  • Can Last for Several Years

What Are Dental Sealants?

woman getting dental sealants

A dental sealant is a protective coating of a thin, plastic-like compound. When it’s applied to your or your child’s teeth, it creates a protective barrier between the enamel and food particles that attract harmful bacteria that cause cavities.

Who Should Consider Dental Sealants?

little boy smiling in dental chair

Dental sealants are typically recommended for young patients who are still learning how to take proper care of their smiles. Because little arms sometimes have a hard time reaching to clean the teeth in the back of the mouth, bits of food can get trapped there, attracting dangerous bacteria. To help combat this, we can place sealants on the grooves and pits of the molars to form a barrier.

While we typically recommend dental sealants for younger patients, we have no problem administering them to adults as well. If our dentist determines that you’re at a higher risk for tooth decay, we might suggest you get dental sealants to help prevent cavities.

How Are Sealants Placed?

little girl brushing her teeth

The great news about dental sealants is that they can be applied as part of your regular dental checkup. The whole process only takes about half an hour at most. First, we paint a thin layer of sealant material onto the surfaces of the affected teeth. Then, we use a low heat curing light to harden the sealants into place. It’s really that easy! Once the sealants are in place, they are effective at fighting tooth decay for several years. At every subsequent checkup, we can evaluate the state of your sealants to determine when they need to be re-applied.

Benefits of Dental Sealants

There are many advantages to having dental sealants applied on your or your child’s teeth, including:

  • Improved oral health. The most obvious reason to get dental sealants is that they significantly decrease the chances of getting cavities.
  • Increased confidence. Because your child is less likely to develop cavities after getting sealants, they will acquire a boost of confidence in their ability to take care of their teeth. Kids who frequently get tooth decay may ultimately give up on brushing and flossing because they feel that it’s not working. Fortunately, dental sealants help build up their confidence in keeping their smiles healthy and beautiful, so they continue to brush and floss.

Better dental office experiences. Kids (and even adults) who have fewer cavities are more likely to enjoy their biannual visits to the dentist since they won’t experience the guilt that is common among people with chronic tooth decay. At Ultimate Dental, we want to ensure you and your child have the most pleasant experience possible at our office, so we can’t recommend dental sealants enough!