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4 Reasons to Visit the Dentist before Summer Vacation

May 15, 2022

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attractive woman smiling at sunset

Summer is just around the corner and it’s looking like it’ll be another beautiful one here in Michigan. If you’re envisioning long days at the lake or are planning a summer vacation somewhere further afield, there’s one thing you will want to put on your to-do list – visiting the dentist. Keep reading for the top 4 reasons why you won’t regret leaving time for a dental checkup


3 Tips for Teaching Your Child How to Floss

April 7, 2022

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Little boy flossing his teeth

Parents usually make specific changes to their toddler’s life once the latter’s teeth emerge. One would be shifting them from foods like mushy peas and carrots to others that are more solid. Another obvious development would be teaching their child how to brush their teeth.

Amidst this shuffling, sadly, parents sometimes consider it too difficult to get their children flossing. To prove otherwise, listed below are three practical tips on teaching kids how to floss.


If My Tooth Was Knocked-Out, Can I Put It Back In?

March 7, 2022

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person holding tooth in Brownstown Charter Twp

Roughly over five million people get a knocked-out tooth every year—that’s a lot! If you’ve recently experienced this, then you know how overwhelming the situation can feel. You’ll definitely want to seek dental emergency care right away, but should you try putting your tooth back in its socket? Read on to learn how you should handle your pearly white while heading to your dentist’s office.


How Can I Make Myself More Kissable for Valentine’s Day?

February 4, 2022

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Couple kissing for valentine’s day

There are all sorts of fun date ideas you can consider before settling on one. Whether you are planning for a romantic dinner at your special someone’s favorite restaurant or you just want to get cozy on the couch while watching their favorite rom-com, you’re in for a night to remember. However, when it comes to the kiss at the end of your date, you want to be prepared. Continue reading for some oral health tips from your dentist in Brownstown Charter Township so that it can be as magical as you imagined.


Why Do I Only Have Jaw Pain on One Side?

January 4, 2022

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man with jaw pain

If you have pain in any part of your body, it can be frustrating and alarming. It might be difficult to know what you should do about it. If you are experiencing jaw pain on one side of your mouth, there are numerous reasons why this could be happening.

Many times, this isn’t a serious issue, but you should know when to seek help. Continue reading to learn about some of the reasons why you may be experiencing one-sided jaw pain so you know when to contact your emergency dentist in Brownstown Charter Township.


Interested in Veneers? Here’s How Much Enamel is Removed

December 17, 2021

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Model of a tooth prepared for a veneerIf you want a picture-perfect smile, veneers may be the solution for you. Attaching the thin shells to the front sides of your teeth instantly hides several aesthetic flaws, like chips, gaps, and discoloration. Although they can provide the results you want, they are a big investment because a small amount of enamel will need to be removed. Since it can’t regenerate, it’s normal to be concerned about how much enamel needs to be removed for veneers. Modern veneers are thinner than ever, so you’ll keep more of your tooth when achieving the smile of your dreams.


Now Trending on TikTok – Veneers Check!

November 11, 2021

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Girl using TikTok

When it comes to searching for the latest trends, TikTok is the place to be! Whether you are looking for some new recipes for breakfast, some fun dances to try, or even to learn a thing or two, this app has you covered. However, just because something is trending doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best option for you. Many videos can be misleading, or even dangerous! Continue reading to learn about the “Veneers Check” trend and why it may be harmful.


Whitening Treatment Doesn’t Have to Mean Sensitive Teeth

September 4, 2021

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woman holding an ice bag on cheek for toothache

Just because you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, it doesn’t mean you’re going to have a bad day at work. Just because you ordered too much spaghetti at lunch, there’s no rule that says you have to eat it all and feel miserable.

Just because you’ve decided to get teeth whitening treatment, there’s no guarantee you’re going to have to deal with sensitive teeth. There are steps you can take to prevent that discomfort, or at the very least minimize it.

Here are the common causes of teeth sensitivity after a whitening treatment and a game plan for you to ensure it won’t be an issue for you!


Is It Safe to Use Turmeric for Teeth Whitening?

August 26, 2021

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Turmeric on a metal spoonModern technology has provided a plethora of information right at your fingertips, which has fueled the current DIY trends. You can find instructions for just about anything online, including teeth whitening. You’ve likely seen several at-home methods on social media, but one trend stands out among others – turmeric. The Indian spice is known to have several medical benefits, so it’s normal to assume it’s safe for your smile, but is it really? Here’s what you need to know about using turmeric for teeth whitening.


Smoking and Dental Implants: What’s the Connection?

July 27, 2021

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Woman learning about smoking and dental implants on a laptop

Dentists regularly educate patients about the dangers that smoking can have on oral health both in the short- and long-term. When it comes to smoking and dental implants, there is no exception. If you currently smoke or use tobacco products and intend to complete dental implant treatment in the near future, it’s crucial that you discontinue this habit as soon as possible. To learn from a dentist how smoking not only affects your eligibility for dental implants, but the success of your implant after treatment is already complete, keep reading!

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