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Teeth Whitening for Brownstown, MI

Let your smile shine through with teeth whitening from Ultimate Dental.

You’ve probably seen lots of ads in the last couple of years for over-the-counter teeth whitening products and toothpastes you can pick up at the drugstore. At Ultimate Dental, we highly recommend that you consider professional teeth whitening provided by a dentist instead. Why? Because the procedure is overseen by a dentist, the bleaching agent will be professional-grade, and any bleaching trays will be custom-made just for you, you’ll find that results with professional teeth whitening from Ultimate Dental in Brownstown, Michigan will truly dazzle.

Most smiles will encounter stains at some point; it’s almost impossible to completely avoid factors that cause staining such as dark foods and beverages. However, with professional teeth whitening from Ultimate Dental, you can get your bright white smile back!

At-Home Teeth Whitening

We can create take-home custom whitening kits that give you the freedom to whiten wherever, whenever. Custom whitening kits include bleaching trays fit to your smile, making the results consistent, effective, and more comfortable than over-the-counter one-size-fits-all teeth whitening.

A white smile conveys youth and health! Whitening your smile is a simple way to improve your overall appearance, helping you to look – and feel – better than you have in years.

Whitening for Life Program

Because we want to encourage our patients to practice great oral health habits and we know that everyone wants a white smile, we offer a FREE Whitening for Life program. During your first appointment at our office, we'll create custom teeth whitening trays for you. Then, if you're consistent with your regular visits and on time to your appointments, we'll give you free whitening gel at every checkup.

Contact Ultimate Dental in Brownstown, Michigan to make a teeth whitening appointment with Dr. Hadad. Patients from all over the Downriver area, including Riverview and Woodhaven, have entrusted their smiles to Ultimate Dental through the years. We invite you to do the same – we love seeing new faces at Ultimate Dental!