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Replacing Missing Teeth – Brownstown

Custom-Made Solutions to Complete Your Smile

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The old saying goes, “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.” The same could often be said for your smile. You take for granted that your teeth will always be there, smiling, chewing, and allowing you to speak properly, right up until you’ve lost one or a few. When that happens, you realize just what a huge role your teeth play in your everyday life and how important it is to replace them. We offer several options for tooth replacement at Ultimate Dental: partial dentures, full dentures, fixed bridges, and dental implants.

Why Choose Ultimate Dental for Replacing Missing Teeth?

  • State-of-the-art dental implant restorations available
  • Treatments custom-made for every patient
  • Partnered with Brownstown’s best dental labs

What Happens if I Do Nothing?

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Replacing missing teeth isn’t just an issue of appearance – it can dramatically improve your oral health as well. Missing teeth increase your odds of cavities, gum disease, further tooth loss, and nutritional deficiencies. No matter what your circumstances, Dr. Hadad can help you figure out which form of tooth replacement best fits your budget and lifestyle.

Dental Bridges

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Unlike partial dentures, dental bridges are fixed and non-removable. They’re affixed to remaining teeth using crowns, making them a more stable option. One or more replacement teeth in a row fill in the gap left in a patient’s smile. They can help restore a patient’s appearance, prevent the remaining teeth from shifting out of place, and bring back balance to the bite as well. They can also be held in place with dental implants for a more secure fit.

Learn More About Dental Bridges

Full & Partial Dentures

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Partial dentures can replace a few teeth along an otherwise healthy arch of remaining teeth. They’re removable, making them affordable and easy to care for. The replacement teeth grasp onto remaining teeth, giving them a little extra hold for eating and speaking with ease.

Full dentures replace all of either your upper or lower teeth. With advancements in modern dental techniques, dentures can fit and function better now than ever before.

Learn More about Full and Partial Dentures

Dental Implants

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Dental implants accomplish what no other tooth replacement can: they restore the root of a tooth as well as the crown. A small post is placed into the jawbone which supports the new tooth, and the end result is virtually indistinguishable from nature. Implants are extremely strong, natural-looking, and with the proper care, they can easily last for the rest of a patient’s life. If you’re looking for a permanent solution to your tooth loss, dental implants are your answer.

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If you’re missing teeth, contact Ultimate Dental for an appointment today. We can get you started with a plan for tooth replacement and help you on your road toward recovered oral health. Our Brownstown dental office helps those in Riverview, Woodhaven, and other Downriver communities. Experience living well with tooth replacement and other care options from Ultimate Dental.