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Restorative Dentistry for Brownstown, MI

Keeping your smile for a lifetime sometimes means restorative dental care to reverse dental damage.

What is restorative dentistry? You may be familiar with what a dental filling or crown is, and these are specific restorative dentistry services; restorative dentistry includes all the procedures designed to bring damaged smiles back to good health. At Ultimate Dentistry in Brownstown, MI, we offer an array of restorative dental care procedures, including CEREC one-visit crowns. With CEREC technology, we make having a healthy and beautiful smile more convenient than ever before!

Here are some of the restorative dentistry procedures available at Ultimate Dental:

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Many people prefer composite resin tooth-colored fillings over the traditional amalgam fillings for a number of reasons. For one thing, they look completely natural, making them far and away a more cosmetically appealing choice for your smile. When you’ve had amalgam dental fillings placed, you’ll see dark spots from the metallic look of the fillings. A second reason is that composite resin tooth-colored fillings contain no mercury whatsoever. Amalgam fillings contain some mercury; it hasn’t been proven harmful, but people generally prefer not to have mercury in their teeth if they can avoid it. At Ultimate Dental believes in putting health first, and that’s one of the reasons we offer our patients composite resin tooth-colored fillings at our Brownstown dental office.

Laser Dentistry

Today, dental lasers can be used to perform a number of restorative dentistry procedures. Laser dentistry offers Dr. Hadad greater precision when performing procedures, leading to more localized treatments. Also, dental lasers reduce bleeding during procedures and promote faster healing post-procedure. Laser dentistry is great for people with dental anxiety, making general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry procedures more comfortable and less intimidating.

If you’re curious about the state of your oral health and whether or not you’re in need of any restorative dental care procedures, contact Ultimate Dental to make an appointment. Our Brownstown, MI dental office serves Riverview, Woodhaven, and other nearby Downriver area communities. Dr. Sammi Hadad grew up in the area, and it’s her life’s passion to offer a complete range of general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry care to families in Brownstown and beyond.